Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The KTLIT site is down for the SOPA protest, so I spent today without purpose.^^

Went to Korean lessons in the morning. I'm actually kind of into the Johnny Lunchpail feeling of getting up and catching the bus in the morning. The class continues to be fun, and to aid my scattered memory I take picture of the board. Normally the 선생님 runs like hell to get out of the picture, but today I caught her hard at teaching:

Then I met the wife for banking and some 갈비살 for 점심 식사 (Barbequed beef for lunch).

You can tell by this picture of Yvonne after clearing off the entire grill:

Then into the office for some pre-term cleaning and to pop my syllabi onto UDrims, our super-computer-system for academics. After three years here I've finally got my classes semi-organized, so the two that will run as they are were just cut and pasted into various boxes. I'm going to revisit the other two classes tonight, and smack them up tomorrow.

Tell the women in the office what textbooks to order and I should be set for the semester...

Tonight, some students whose names I don't recognize have invited me out, so I'll probably have to drink and eat some anju.

Oh well, it's been quite a while since I've done that, so it should be new again.^^

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