Monday, January 30, 2012

End of first Korean Class and off to Vacation!

Today was the final in my first completed Korean class. It was actually the second class, because they thought I'd picked up enough Korean in my previous failed attempts to learn the language to skip the beginner's class.

I think I did ok in the reading and the part that requires you to detect errors, but man, I need to work on the rules for adding the verb stems to the verb roots. I'd be surprised if I got 20% of that stuff right, partly because they focussed on irregular verbs, but still.

Now, a couple more classes in the third course, and then Yvonne and I are off to Hong Kong for 5 nights and 4-days. Should be fun, since I have also made friends with the editors from "Asia Review" (who hooked up with me through my blog, and were just here in Korea to work with LTI Korea on an upcoming edition that will be all about Korean fiction - it should be awesome).

Anyway, they're based in Hong Kong and should help us acclimatize a bit.

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Anonymous said...

it has been a loooong time, but we had a great time in Hong Kong. Baxter is NOT a shopper but got really into it and I think we went in to every electronic shop that was open.'
Exciting architecture along the water and really good sushi.
Sorry about the irregular verbs -- I sympathize deeply.