Friday, October 28, 2005

Stinking Hippie Nutcases! "Gene Replacement Therapy"

Turns out the mother of the "kid" who killed Pamela Vitale is a complete nutjob.

What are the odds?

As a 40-something year old going on 50-something year old (so old enough to rermember the good aspects of being a hippie) it just kills me when fucking morons like Esther Fielding decide to deal with their own impending mortality by going alt-hippie-insane.

Well, only if they have kids. If they don't they can knock themselves out.

Preferably in water deep enough to drown in.

But guess what mom? If you go fucking insane? So will your kid.

So now Fielding (moms) is charged with being an accessory to the murder.

Really.. the crazy chick who believes that " Activating the ten latent strands of DNA opens the door to self-healing and self-actualization" had a crazy son and then did crazy shit with him? Makes no sense at all.


Here, for as long as it stays up, is Fielding's insane site

All that actualizing? Didn't seem to work out...

Fucking old hippies who have turned from the world to saving their own pathetic lives. Shit, there was a Who concert in Cincinnati with your name on it you old hag.

And you missed it.


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Well that Explains a Lot!

Of the six universal emotions, four — anger, fear, disgust and sadness — are negative and only one, joy, is positive. (The sixth, surprise, is neutral.)