Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More things that might make you say, "Whaaaaa?"

Hmmmm..... maybe that's a "cure" I should take?

And then, there is this rare opportunity, if I could only figure out what the heck that opportunity is:

Life remains reading, writing, and studying Korean (with a bit of cleaning tossed in), which is just how it should be.

Oh, and coffee.... more than usual.^^


Anonymous said...

trace the connection between the "man cure" and the "child-alien" sign and the answers to all your other questions will be revealed.

Charles Montgomery said...

Oh.. but that's just what they expect you to do.. in fact, want you to do.

I look for my answers in the skies, the freemason symbolism on US currency, and in a game of predictive casting I play with my slivers of the true cross, knucklebones of martyred saints, and threads purloined from the 'magic' underwear of political candidates.

The answers are out there!