Monday, April 26, 2010

You may have been in Korea too long..

When you make some kind of Chicken Jiggae, and at the end, attempting to determine where it falls short in spicing.. you think to yourself..

"It could have used Kimchi."

I am now there...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick (QUICK!) survey on readability..

I mean...

really quick (three questions).

Do an inquisitive fellow a favor and answer the questions.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I put the "ME" into social MEdia...

I went to the marketplace
They said they liked my face
Better than a digital watch
You got it, we're pros and we can spot it
So I thought it was some disease
But they were all on their knees
Shakin' hands with my picture

Had a meeting with Arirang TV today.. they may want to take me on a train trip around Korea and film it. ... They are apparently unaware of my ability to derail nearly anything. ^^

First we sterilize it
Then we merchandise it
Everybody tries
Everybody buys it

On Friday I meet with the Director of the Presidential Council on Nation Branding. They want to talk about my blog and my work "for Korea." They have already called my University President and thanked him for my work. (!)

I'm both scared and intrigued.

Well that's fine

Put me on the slug line
Punch a pretty hole in my mind
Show me where to sign
And put me on the slug line

The cool thing is all these hookups are happening because of the KTLIT blog, so it's safe to say that it paid off in gigantic ways...

They told me how to behave
Like any other public slave
Keep a smile on the face of the consumer
Or you'll become a rumor

PS.. can anyone tell I got my hands on the John Hiatt Compilation and have been enjoying the pre-sober days of his songwriting?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nanoomi NET goes BETA!

And I am a featured blogger. Take a look at

Here is a snatch from their "about" page:

Nanoomi comes from the Korean word “나눔”–”to share”.

We’re a community of writers, translators and Korea-enthusiasts who have come together to share with the world, the deep and diverse ecology of the Korean blogosphere.

Actually, make that the Korean blogospheres. There are talented bloggers writing about the country in Korean, but there are also amazing English-language bloggers sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for all things Korean.

But they play in different blogospheres, separated by language, culture and (ahem) social-networking platforms.

Nanoomi wants to bridge those differences: our aim is to build a cross-language “bridge-blogging” community.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Retard Nation

This week was special in the sense that the short school bus is special.....

First, it appears I will be a TV star, an unfortunate thing for a man with a face and body made for radio, but a voice made working at the deaf camp. I got a call from Arirang and they want me to be one of 20 foreigners who travel to "unknown" Korea and experience it, from the tigers in the swamps, to the natives - bones in noses, slathered in alarming slashes of white paint and little else - skulking away from the campfire whilst sharpening their pointy sticks.

It is a vision to drive any civilized man to a quart of gin and a cultured racism. ;-)

When I got the call, however, it alarmed me.. because..

Korean winters are quite dry, and as a sensitive blossom, my face gets a bit chapped (and that is all my chapped bits that I am willing to discuss at this moment). So I put lotion on it. In fact, I put mineral oil on it, and then slather on some lotion.

It works.

Except the night before Arirang called, Yvonne hid the normal lotion. I looked about a bit dispiritedly, but could not find it. Fortunately, kind as Yvonne is, she had left a different bottle of lotion in its place. So I slathered up and went into our office to write a bit of this, slightly more of that, and an appalling amount of the other.

About 30 minutes later I felt some stinging on my face, "aha, it's working!" I opined to myself. And went to sleep, a great sodden and drunken mass.

Next morning.. I get up and I have three great triangles of red skin on my face. And inverted triangle whose narrow point is between my eyebrows, and which expands as it goes up my forehead.

Similarly, beneath each eye, a triangle of ugly, chapped red.

So.. when Arirang called I was worried they wanted some last minute interview... thankfully they didn't.

I got home and asked Yvonne where she had put the lotion I liked. Turns out it was in the living room, a bit obscured by drying laundry.

I told her about my trauma and how I hated the second kind of lotion.

She looked at me, head a bit aslant, "what other lotion?"

I said, "the lotion in the bathroom," and went in and got it to show her.


Not lotion...

Fark me with petrochemical cancer causers.

It turned out well, I guess, because Yvonne is still in stitches I did this dumb thing...

And I've always really wanted to put her in stitches..

I suck that way...