Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving at the new Pad


Here we are in lovely Spokane and Yvonne, or course, made me go out and buy a 13lb turkey despite the mathematical, physical, and theoretical realities that we could never get near finishing it. Also bought an entire pie for both of us, FOUR boxes of stuffing, and wanted to buy extra biscuits... Anyway, when it was ready it became clear our kitchen did not have enough serving plates, but it looked something like this:

You will also notice our lovely table and chairs, purchased right off the truck as they were delivered to the thrift store...

Also, as I look at this picture it occurs to me that we never made the biscuits.

Dessert was what you would expect. We had one pie and this is what it looked like after our pieces were cut out:

And in case anyone had questions about how that worked out in practice? The piece in the front is Yvonne's and the one in back is mine.^^

And, of course, breakfast today was a cup of coffee, a slice of pie, and a long walk in the semi-rain to try to work some of it off.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Some people pretty damned EMO about Trump's win..

The guy is subhuman, but the combined amount of tear-hearing/garment rending mixed with liberal condescension (" I will always be in a state of triage, a state of "wokeness" that many of you are just encountering and it hurts doesn't it?" - Damn, aren't you a special little flower?) in this is mind-boggling (names redacted to protect the guilty).

Why in the name of God, did I ever live in Berkeley?^^