Friday, January 06, 2012

Walking home from 하국말 수업

When it isn't too wind-whipped the walk home is rather nice.. a bit over an hour with a stop for 김밥과 코피. As I set out I saw something I think I've posted here before, but it always makes me laugh.. the "BS" tour company.

On the way, passed City Hall where the annual ice-skating rink has been set up and Koreans ice-skate with the same ferocity they attack any sport/exercise - heads down, looks of grim determination, and a certain amount of laps to complete. Fighting! The picture also has a cute mascot - skating Haechi (해치) a mythical creature which protects cities from fires.

Finally, as I wended my way down from the Namsan hillside, through Haebangchon, I spotted this sign advertising pizza, which may not exactly convey the intended message, at least it didn't for me.

Then to ChansBros coffee to download the last Trailer Park Boys special. I love the series as a white-trash buddy comedy, but I'm kind of scared to watch this one. The final official episode ended happily for the idiots involved and I know this one doesn't.

Hmmmm... should I leave my happy memories where they delusionally rest, or plow through to see the inevitable horrible ending?

Anyway, Yvonne's best friend is landing late this evening, so it should be a weekend full of hijinks, capers, and other whatnots..^^

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