Friday, January 29, 2010

The Limits of Psycho-Lonerness?

Living up here alone may have tested the limits of my psycho-lonerness. I'm listening to podcasts in the background just to hear English language spoken!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Morning Calm Moves!

To completely avoid all the hassles of the upcoming wedding, I spent all day today setting up a new website, Wordpress, and then migrating Morning Calm to the new site. The old site was visually fine, but because of the way it was set up it did not get well searched by Google, and its internal search function was also asploded. It also had a pretty gnarly URL and I want to be able to say the URL and have people remember it....

For all these reasons I moved it to, which should be easy enough to remember. In the course of all this I discovered that the nitwits at Wells Fargo had blocked my credit card, apparently having forgot that I moved to Korea. This would have come up inconvenient when it was time for me to buy my ticket back to The Empire.

Oh well.. got the site up, did the export/import from Blogger to Wordpress, then dorked around figuring out how to change the templates. The last bit was to go to Feedburner and Google Analytics and get them hooked up... it seems to have worked, although there is a lot more I'd like to do to the template....

Tomorrow I'll have to find the sites with hard-coded links to my page and email them with the changes...

But for now.. go take a look and give me feedback....,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some People are Too easily Bored

Registration is now open for the 20th World Conference of GLBT Jews

so.. yeah.. a majority likely can be bored, in one sense or another...

But the best thing about that site is the vanilla stock photos they chose...

nut... er.. uterus up!

the page begins:

Welcome to Los Angeles 2010, the 20th World Conference of GLBT Jews!

and thank god you get past the rainbow and the bad stock

to bad photos...

still.. that's real..




Dear Blue Oyster Cult...

You were right, and my view was skewed....

by all the hippies that surrounded me at the time.



Friday, January 22, 2010

Anti-LOLZ ... our Wedding Hall decclared seismically unsafe..

Nice, eh...

With just less than a month to go, the wedding hall is shut down for seismic re-fitting.

Scramble is officially in the "ON" position....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

End of Short-Term Whites


classes ended Tuesday, so I've been living the life a professional man of leisure. Wednesday was all about finishing grades and purchasing a new printer. I had to go out to Hongdae in the rain, to get the printer.. and lug it a couple of kilometers in a plastic bag. It started out a nice, light 30 pounds, but by the time I had walked it to the tube station, through the transfers, then out and up my hill, it seemed to weigh about 3 tons. Still good to have, since being able to print out things I am writing speeds my writing process up considerably.

Then it was a quick hack at grading - all done and sent off by 5 in the evening.

Today was light-housecleaning and laundry. Sat down with the two book reviews I'm supposed to finish and, by dint of having printing in the house, have finished one and am at 1,000 words on the other. Amazing what having a printer does for that process.

Now I'm avoiding doing what I really need to do to finish the second review; reread the book now that I have the outline and much of the text done... So I spent a lot of time watching clips of the Leno-Conan-Letterman-Kimmel kerfluffle they seem to be having in The Empire.

Funny stuff...

Now, I suppose, off to reading... ;-)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My infamy grows!

Way at the back of this picture? That little man standing up and addressing the crowd? That's me singing at the KBBA (Korean Something Bloggers Association) in order to win our table free chicken.

Friday, January 15, 2010

St'illin, and Grading the Professor

Still a bit sick, partly because I went to an event last night, the First Annual Korean Blogger's Awards. It was a great time, and I think I got some important networking done. Still, it kept me up til after midnight, so rising was a struggle..

Last day of class, however, and we talked about the final, did my evals, and cut out early. Nice to read my evals were all good, and this sent me over to the computer evals to see how I had done. Decent progress there - there is no way to tell what the numbers actually mean - since you can't usefully compare them to anything else, but my numbers were up 4.5% from my first semester. And that's with the one class that I totally booted (Speech and Debate). I think I should be able to move up a similar amount next semester. Really, this has taught me the importance of having a tight curriculum, a thing I hadn't much thought of teaching at BPU1, as that was all out of gamebooks.

Ah well, still a review to finish, then my time till January can be spent in frivolous pursuits

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lazy Blogger...

These days are consumed with my class, reviews, and increasingly tedious wedding details.

I should have been gay, because at least then, the caring state would have made marriage impossible. ;-)

Got my Spring schedule and it is grand.. in late on Monday, out early on Friday. Let us hope Yvonne gets a similar schedule, cause then our gallivantin' can commence in earnest...

Working with the boss on a conference for New Zealand next December.. cool.. since I wanted to go there anyway. There be hobbitzzz!

For now, I'm catching a cold (finally) and thankfully tomorrow is my day off. I went to the store and bought a bottle of OJ and a bottle of vitamin soju. I will drink that, and sleep on the hot ondol floor. I didn't eat any kimchi today, so I have not had the complete Korean Kure, but I'm hoping this will be enough..

Monday, January 04, 2010

LOL.. this here storm makes the San Francisco Comical

Sure.. it's only their twitter link, but is is the front page!

Blogger Meetup!

~ Greetings ~
2S2 (2nd Saturday at 2pm) meeting for expats in Korea to get together and be jolly.

January Meet up Details:
  • Saturday, January 9th 2010.
  • 12pm: Meeting with the SeoulEats crowd at a dumpling Restaurant in Insadong. Confused on meet up area contact 2S2 Blog.
  • 2PM: Both groups will move to the Twosome Cafe near Anguk station (walking).
  • Book Exchange: Bring books you are finished with and trade them in for ones you would like to read. I am guessing you may not get the original book back...but you could arrange this.
  • GoStop: play the game
Any questions or comments let us know. Thanks!

Friday, January 01, 2010

It is now...

so now we can stagger up the icy hill and sleep..

But we beat most of you to it..