Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Who Am I?

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Ant Rider

Your Superpower is Symbiosis

Your Weakness is Peanut Butter Sticking to the Roof of Your Mouth

Your Weapon is Your Sonic Axe

Your Mode of Transportation is Chariot

Unfortunately who I am changed every time I hit the name button... well, I suppose that's like life?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Walking the bass doggie....

So.. learned to walk the bass... working the good old 1/4/5 with chord outlines that goes 1/3/4/5 and the pattern is something like this

Simplest Blues Progression

mixing up the first bar

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More Krazy Korean Killer Dog

So we go on a lovely trip to the seaside and make a fire (we have tied the Jindo under the table since she does not particularly like fire):

we watch the fire pacifically (because we are by that ocean, you see) and suddenly there is a quick ruckus, the table is jerked about a half an inch, and we hear an sudden snapping sound. Look under the table to reveal:

The dog, tied up and all, has managed to catch and kill another small rodent. Add this to the opossum, two cats, and skunk (perhaps I'll take a picture of the skunk tomorrow and tell its short and ugly tale) and you have a pretty fast poodle.

Here is the mouse just after it signeed up to sing in the choir invisible:

that dog is scary...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Please don't eat the dying people...

I never trusted therapists to begin with. But this one says:

Don't eat or drink or touch the patients.

And I'm extra worried.

The good news?

She's in Dallas so I don't care.

Top 5 things Tom DeLay Said that the press did not report

From the Houston Chronicle’s DomeBlog Tom DeLay taunts poor children. But, as usual, the liberal press didn't report it all. Here, in interests of a no spin zoning, are the top five other things old Tommie said.

5) DeLay met with a woman who had been raped and asked her if it wasn't just like playing "Spin the Bottle in High School?"

4) Delay met with a man whose mother had died in the Astrodome and asked if "they had ever seen that "Six Feet Under" show? All those dead people make me laugh!"

3) DeLay comforted a man who had been mugged by telling him that "most people have to pay a coach to learn to box."

2) After an elderly man complained he'd lived in poverty all his life, but at least he had a home, DeLay noted "sure, but now you can afford to come to the Astrodome."

1) As he left the Astrodome, stinking of gin, DeLay yelled "You're all invited to Trent's house!"

Then, in a puff of sulfurous smoke, he disappeared (oh, only if!)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A completely modest proposal: Rebuild the people who lived in New Orleans

New Orleans in ruins. And the Federal Government has largely ignored that fact.

Because building a city under sea-level and ringing it with protective earthworks is silly.

Anyone who builds a city where it is not safe?

They deserve what they get (Hastert – Sermon on the Mount).

I'm sure all of the Republi-cons who are now slowly shuffling over to this interpretation of reality are eagerly awaiting the destruction of Venice, Italy and Stockton, Ca just to name two cities in similar situations. Or not. Doesn't matter to me. Their focus on property damage is sickening and speaks of a lack of concern for humans.

What does matter to me is that we are supposed to be a nation and a nation at least theoretically looks out for its own. In New Orleans we haven't. Cleverer writers have noted the glacial pace of Federal response. Now the question is what to do?

I suggest we pay the people who have been wronged and destroyed by poor planning and non-existent response?

Everything, after all, has a money value. ;-)

So I did a little analysis.

The population of New Orleans was 484,674 or so. Prior to the flood. Take out the 10,000 or so the U.S. left to drown and you have 474,674 souls. According to the Census these folks were organized into 188,251 households. These are the numbers of the diaspora.

I propose the Federal Government should pay citizens for its lack of support of them.

So I looked at one-time money stolen from New Orleans and diverted to the war against common sense in Iraq (These numbers are far too small – Coast Guard reductions, removal of National Guard who could have protected the city, various other killed grants? I have no way to quantify them):

$ 21.5 million
Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project

$ 71.2 million
New Orleans Corps Projects

$15 million
Lake Pontchartrain Shoring Project.

You can see we're starting to talk real money. That's a total of $107.7 million dollars looted directly from the budgets that kept New Orleans safe. And then there's the ongoing war against common sense:

$177 million per day in Iraq

Perhaps we could just take a three-day weekend off from further antagonizing the entire Muslim world?

I'm not any kind of cultural relativist or apologist for any of the horrors of Islamic rulers – I'm just saying we can double up on the killing and pissing-off on the next Tuesday. These are, after all, highly trained soldiers, right?

So, using Wellornomics, the savings on the "day-off" on the war and returning the money Bush looted would add up to $638.7 million.

Cash it out and give it to the victims of our poor preparation and worse response. That would add up to only about $3393.00 per household, but given that the average household income in New Orleans is under $30,000 per year, that would be a substantial chunk. Certainly enough to live for the next few months, which is the kind of problem that refugees face.
I'd note that this is just an analysis for New Orleans, and in no way do I mean to slight people in Biloxi, Luling, or even the Brett Farve household. Some mathematician and intarweb researcher smarter than I (not difficult to believe) can do all the math for everyone else. If it comes down to it our chickenhawk leaders might need to forfeit one or two more days of their personal pecker-hardening overseas adventures. Surely that is a contribution worth making?
But it's time for those "compassionate" conservatives to step up and prove that their compassion can be showered upon those who don't live in oil-producing nations. And its time for them to prove their compassion can come from somewhere other than the barrel of a gun on an armored vehicle.



Friday, September 02, 2005

Damned Looter!

Hmmm.. another goddamned looter...

we should just kill them all..

Jaabbar Gibbson, 20, sits behind the wheel of a bus he commandeered and drove himself and 80 people he picked up along the road to Houston Wednesday night. They were the first evacuees from Hurricane Katrina to arrive by their own vehicles hoping to find shelter at the Astrodome. Houston Chronicle photo by Carlos Rios via Associated Press

It's a Dog's Life, in a Rope Leash or a Diamond Collar

So... not to belabor any points about how the media has treated pics in New Orleans.

Instead, a simple quiz. Which of the pictures below is picture of a looter, and which is of an asshole?


Trick question of course. Since Bush is both.

And look how natural he looks holding a dog!

Poor dog....