Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Life of the House-Husband

Now that I have no fixed responsibilities other than my Korean lessons (alas, only 6 hours a week, MWF from 10-12 - though that will double next month), I have been able to settle in to domestic bliss.

Today the "encleanening" continued, finishing up the kitchen and attacking the living room. Also, debulking the office. We had baked chicken last night, so it was also time to start a lovely chicken-stock, which is still simmering as I type. Then a quick ride to the office to drop off some small things that were cluttering up the living room, shopping, and a trip home to make rice, some unidentifiable meat/rice concoction, lightly pickled carrots and cucumbers, and sauteed zucchini.

How domestic was today? I even opened the drapes and moved the plants to the floor, then following the sunbeams so they would stay photosynthesizing.

Now, listening to sports podcasts interspersed with more studying. LOL, if I don't know a substantially greater amount of Korean after this month? I may just move to the United States and learn English!^^

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Anonymous said...

you can start on my house any time! But it is a little difficult to believe that is really you!
Good to hear from you.