Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Well Spokane Life..

So we now have our lovely home in a kind of transitional neighborhood in West Central Spokane.

The house is like this:

And it looks even more white pickety fence when Yvonne takes ownership...

The entryhall is adequate sized (with a bizarre light fixture)

(That's the front door on the left and the door to Yvonne's office on the right).

As you can see it has a pretty large living room.

Yvonne's office is medium-sized

(What you can't see their is a bizarre "Winchester Mystery House Door to Nowhere" on the right.

And the bedroom is pretty small

Kitchen is pretty nice

Bizarrely, that door to the right goes to the bedroom.. the layout is kind of weird (the bathroom is off the utility room between the kitchen and garage, which is also kind of weird).^^

Yvonne uses the kitchen (well, the microwave)

And there is a garage suitable for bleaching bones.^^

The previous tenants left us a lovely Halloween gift, Billy the Magnetic Bat

As well as a shelf full of underwear(!)

Including the "Snoopy as Guns' n' Roses" pair...

(I wear them under EVERYTHING!).

It's within walking distance of downtown, a block off the river, and directly on a bus line...

We're reasonably content with it.^^