Thursday, March 31, 2011

Late Updates...

Cuz Momz sed so!

Down about 4 kilos from my trip to the States..... not that, of course, you could see it yet.^^

Work continues to be good and the OTHER blog is blowing up because Shin Kyoung-sook is blowing up.

Also, got a really great gig with The Big Woman's Uni doing some editing...

Better than ALLLLLLz of that?

Spring may be here. Sure.. Yellow Dust destroying my lungs.. but man.. you can walk outside. ^^

Monday, March 14, 2011

little willy lyrics~sweet

Mr. Ed arrives sometime tomorrow.

And if you know Ed and know old rock?

You just switch "Eddie" into this song for "Willie".

I couldn't be happier..

Monday, March 07, 2011


Having slept like crap last night, I was still in bed at 9:50 AM when the Ajumma decided it was time for her annual inspection of the apartment. So, groggily, I hear some little bell ringing off in the distance and recognizing it is not my iPhone, I decide to ignore it.

Ignoration (one of my most honed skills) becomes useless when I hear a key in the lock and the door scraping open. Since I know The Lovely Wife is at her gainful employment, I also know it is the Ajumma. I crack open the bedroom door and croak out an "Ajumma" just as she is pealing out an "Ajumma" of her own - this is how she announces herself.

When she sees my tousled (but adorable!) head peeking out of the bedroom door and hears me saying "Just a minute," she flies into a panicked storm of high-pitched Korean. By the time I have my shirt and trousers on, she is gone.

Fortunately the house, while disheveled, is not that dirty. A quick 20 minute cleaning job and now it is ready for her sneak return which, I bet, will be a bit more sneaky now that she has been "caught," so to speak.

Still, it was good to have a chance to clean up TLW's detritus in the living room. The Ajumma would not have found much to be critical about, but she can cluck in disapproval like 30 divorcees drinking estrogen milkshakes. We can't have that.

Now the place is shining liking a diamond (but not too clean so she knows it's all fake), we should be in the clear.

Off to the coffee shop to do all these editing jobs that seem to have piled up over the weekend.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

LOLCATZ - Beer Leg Cold Touch?

So I'm doing some editing for a big important University here.. it's actually for one of the Korean Chaebol.

As I'm working through the text I'm also checking the URLs they have in it, to make sure there have been no typos.

What do I discover?

I'm editing for a product I think I can get behind:

Sounds good to me!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Oh so very out of shape!

The lovely wife and I joined the gym today.... she's doing cardio (and I hope getting into a stretching class, since she's still kind of gimpy from that car crash a long time ago) and I'm doing cardio and some (embarrassingly light) weightlifting... Thank God my schedule means that I'm in the gym in relatively off hours. ^^

Instruction begins tomorrow, so its back to the kiddies. We got an extra day off today for the anniversary of the March First Movement.... flags everywhere on buildings and some stores closed...

Lazy afternoon at home, now, prepping for classes and writing my last set of book reviews for 10 Magazine..