Friday, March 06, 2009

Week One, down..

A pretty crazy week, all things considered.

With one class still hanging around over 60 students, it was a busy time. The students are a bit more frantic here, as well. They have to make all their schedule changes by Saturday, so they were all running around, like whirling dervishes, shopping classes.

Still, the classes seemed to have sorted out, and despite my disorganized beginning, my course numbers seem to have held (that could also be a bad thing!). I'm still working on content and a website - BPU2 has an excellent and completely integrated website for students, professor, and classes, but it is all in Hangul, and there's no way I'm ready for that yet.

I took pictures of my office today.. just to demonstrate that it is at least a furlong.. if not several furs long.. but posting must wait until tomorrow..

Tonight is relaxio.. I'm at The Library (a lovely name for the nearest bar) having a drink, waiting for the OAF, and watching the Korean baseball team beat the living shit our of the team from Taiwan.

Now that's entertainment!

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Anonymous said...

After beating Tiwan team, Korea got its ass kicked by Japan, then paid it back at the next game...

Now that's entertainment!