Friday, March 27, 2009

Home Improvement

With a handle (I think - I'll blog about it soon) on the teaching chores, and with Management Training (The dreaded MT!) looming tomorrow, I decided to come home, do dishes, and work on the Bohemian Love Pad just a little bit.

First thing I did was put this cool map of China, Korea, and Japan on the wall. It's all in Chinese and it was given to me by a Chinese student at Solbridge International Business School. I said I'd put it up once I had a decent place, so here it is.

That raggedy-ass geranium is the only of the four plants I purchase that is struggling and I wonder if that is because it is the only one I haven't replanted. Strangely, the flash on my camera renders the hideous flourescent lighting here (yeah, yeah, I know it's more environmentally sensitive, but get me some incandescent bulbs and I promise to stop killing small animals for fun, ok?) as something approaching homey.

Trust me. It isn't.

The other picture lacks a certain aesthetic, but it is the three hearty plants from my initial snagology. I want plenty of plants up here in the hizzy, since the air in Seoul is about to take a turn for the worse.

The OAF turned up a pretty good presentation at TED (a really useful website) about what you can do to clean oxygen with plants. But until I can find those badboys, I'm just going to fill my house with what is locally available. Big plants, like dirt, apparently require heading to the outskirts of Seoul, and a car to bring back.

I'm sure I'll do a bit more googling on this, perhaps even (pace MAF) visit the wikipedia.

Anyway, it's a small step toward personalizing the pad.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Twojens with ornamental horticulture degrees remain eerily silent on the matter of the "raggedy-ass" geranium.

Anonymous said...

I don't diagnose long distance.

And my guess is that it's actually a Pelargonium :-)


Anonymous said...



rwellor said...

There are rumours that Kim jong-il is working with 'Pelargonium' as we speak.

Japan threatens to shoot it down, and Obama the Muslim apparently doesn't care.