Sunday, March 29, 2009

Are Geraniums Weapons of Mass Construction?

Since I still believe my expiring plant is a geranium, I post this picture for the two horticulturalists, in the hope it will lead them to some kind of thought....

I hope clickology will result in a picture more suited for scientific analysis.

Also, the OAF and I wandered Seoul in random and seldomly related local concentric circles that, had they been tracked, would have resembled the death march of someone 8 cans of sterno into it, or a naked man expiring on the harsh deserts of the ironically named "Livermore."

In fact, what we really did was walk along the river (I purchased a tripod and the OAF, after saving me about 30 bucks on the deal, rewarded herself by buying a couple of books) and have this remarkably odd lunch.

It was advertised as a "Bagel with Salmon and Cream Cheese." It was actually a BLUEBERRY bagel with salmon, one slice of American Cheese, some kind of cream (it's doing that bukkake thing on the front of the bagel), bacon, lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

Oh, yeah, and a toothpick embedded in each half, except the toothpick was too short to go through the entire sandwich, so they apparently compressed the sandwich, stuck the toothpick in, then uncompressed the thing.

Result.. 4 cleverly hidden toothpicks between the two of our sandwiches.

Fortunately I figured that out when I picked mine up and despite it's odd stack of gooey ingredients discovered that it was remarkably structurally sound. I took a look and discovered the interior toothpick.

Despite the bizarre contents of the thing, and the wooden death concealed therein, it tasted pretty damned good.

Even the OAF, who is a talented deconstructor of Korean food, just pulled out one or two leaves of limp lettuce, and ate the whole thing.

Weird, I'd have never thought of such a combination. And beyond that I'd never have imagined it might taste good. It was like a BLT with American Cheese and Blueberry Bagel. American as Candy-Apple-Grey Pie.

Then I got home and to avoid grading, set up a mattress for the BKF and JAE when they arrive. I also worked more (in my role as 'Improviso Man!') on the sound/light-proofing.

The previous tenant had left some packing tape, I had a bunch of old newspapers (pink) and so I sealed the edges of some of the cut styrofoam (so that little bits would stop flaking off) and taped a matte of newspaper to the bigger pieces of styrofoam in the window by my bed..

Theoretically this will make it darker and cleaner in the bedroom.

Tommorow morning will tell about the first bit, and time will tell about the other.

And then forget it entirely as it kill us in succession, and then turns to those who have succeeded us.



Anonymous said...

my guess: pot too small; plant too big (and where is the saucer type thingy for catching water when and if you water it?) And it likes light and sun.
YSM (not a plant expert, among other "nots")

Anonymous said...

Pelargonium x hortorum is my WAG.

They need fast draining soil (and more of it than you have in that puny pot) among other things.

The biggest issue? They are outdoor plants--they don't thrive indoors. Try a sunny window (not the entry hall) and fertilize it with something like Miracle Gro for blooming plants.

YSM is a brilliant diagnostician.....


(heh the secret code thingy is "orideh" which sounds to me like french fries--say it out loud)

rwellor said...


If I could find ANY place that sold any kind of fertilizer?

I consider it a victory on par with that thing we did in Incheon back then with that general who refused to fade away.

I will put it in one of the double windows that has about two feet between each window and gets something like north-east sun.

Anonymous said...

perhaps taping a full sized piece of construction paper or of an attractive piece of material to cover the newspapers????

rwellor said...

YSM - these things are actually quite invisible in day to day life, so I don't need to worry about the look of the thing..

Just the darkness.. the sweet, sweet, darkness that calls me...

Anonymous said...

OK.. a year too late here, but the mighty Wiki will not be silenced:

BTW - your Rhodo-zaleas will be wantin' some o' dat light as well.


Anonymous said...

My poor ague'd mind tried for a minute there to reconcile "tripod" with "iPod"

Maybe I'm not getting better after all..

Anonymous said...

Now wait just a cotten-pickin' minute there, Mister! Is that the Valley Times? Where are you _really_ holed up?


rwellor said...



want's to know anything about where I'm


word to the wise

Anonymous said...

Especially after we found out what you do to your poor laptops!