Friday, March 27, 2009

Dude! I can't see out of one eye!

Unfairly cropped from an article at SFGate.

But can we all get together on the argument that white guys with dreads are douchebags?

In this case, of course, he's redeemed by the granny glasses, puka-shell necklace (tres 70's!) bizarre semi-camo do-rag, and liver spots.



Anonymous said...

Yer sis gave me sh*t for wearing a silk do-rag. Something about being a cowboy-pirate. Good thing I never listen to her.


Anonymous said...

Something just occurred to me- coffee must be kicking in- I could only see out of one eye at the time.


rwellor said...

if you take the spoon out of the coffee before you drink it?

You might see out of both eyes...