Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, Monday..

It hurts me to skip over the MT experience on the weekend, but there is one more picture I need to take in order to sum it up. With the BKF showing up in Korea either today or tomorrow (depending on which calendar he was using when he emailed me) that post might never get posted!

So, two things...

First, at the MT two students approached me and gave me pretty frank analyses of my classes. Generally good, thank HNA! But also with pointers as to how I could do better for students with less English acuity (this may be an "only in Korea" thing - the students who get it standing up for the ones who don't). I rolled some of that into the auditory classes today and had two students come up and thank me for the new lecture style and content. That's either a stinging indictment of my previous teaching style, or a ringing endorsement of my new style.

Well, if you're some kind of Manichean asshole. ;-)

For me it's just a small bit of good news in my ongoing work to get the classes to that kick-ass point I know they can achieve.

Second there's the wrasslin the house into my place. I went by the plant-place and everything was either shite, or clad in a 50,000 won representation of some famous Korean defeat at the hands of the Mongolians/Japanese (I keed, I keed. A little). Instead, I went home and made two delicious grilled-cheese sandwiches, as just today I found a store that sells actual SHARP cheddar cheese.

Then I decided I'd head back down the road to look at plants again, or buy some new pillows for the guest room. Just as I turned the corner from my steep and windy road to the semi-main one, the "best plant evar!" truck pulled away from the other side of the road and drove away down it.

Mega bummer!

Fortunately for me, the innate Korean ability to take one car, a taxi, a truck, a motorcycle, two scooters, a pedestrian, and an imaginary bean, and then turn them all into a traffic jam?

It came through!

The truck got as far as the next Y-intersection (READERS NOTE: Many of you might understand this "Y thing" if you think, metaphorically, of all the y-front underwear you've pulled down. Pretty congested under all that, eh?). There the truck was stalled by the aforementioned other eight participants.

I waddled as fast as my wattles could do, and caught up with the truck. Nice stuff on the truck. But my Korean is poor and I was conservative. I pointed at some modestly leafy thing and asked the price. Three chun won (about 2 bucks) for this fluffy thing and it's nice pot.

So, the same price I paid, last week, for an empty plastic pot.

More proof I am a dangerous retard.

I purchased two lovely plants.

I picture them here since photos of plants seem to be the only thing I do that get comments.

And I'm a whore that way. ;-)

OK, really anyway you slice it I'm a whore.

But this is today's soul-crushing selling of my crushed soul.

And more tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Rhododendrons, more commonly known as Azaleas to dangerous retards everywhere.


rwellor said...

and twice the bargain with a name like that!

Anonymous said...

You named them?

rwellor said...

Sort of..

I adopted the convention I was given by Anonymous.

The two are yclept...


Anonymous said...

dat Anonymous be one smart cookie!