Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sittin' Here in Immigration, Waitin for My Reservation

After getting my documents, late, from BPU2, I had gone to the immigration center in the middle of the enormous rush at the end of the contract year. This nice guy there said I had a 30 day grace-period and I should go home and make an internet appointment. Today was that appointment (is that appointment, actually)

Being stupid I forgot to print out my immigration appointment which was on my computer at work. Being smart, I went up to work to print it out. Good thing I did that rather than trying a PC bang, since the “check your appointment” feature of the website was down for administration – most likely as the result of trauma or information resulting from the big rush around the end of last month. Being stupid, I left my passport at home. A quick set of cab trips and I was down in immigration early, hoping that my paperwork is ok. I have the paperwork filled out as best I can, but I’m sure it will have to be binned and redone, since there is sometimes no telling what a bureaucracy will want.

The online appointment, however, is the way to go, as even today there seems to be a substantial wait.


So I get up there and they can only go so far before telling me I’m at the wrong office for my new address and apparently there was no grace period, alas. At least I bought my stamp and got the first steps done. The nice woman, of course, kept referring to the “large” fine I’d have to pay for being late. But, of course, she could’t tell me how much it is. So I have tubed over here with the fear of the necessity of a midnight run to Incheon, and the re-creation of my career in the United States.

Now, with only 29 customers between me and service, I sit and wait.

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Anonymous said...

that sucks! Do you have the name and rank of the person who told you about the grace period? he works at the immigration office, right?

I remember the moment I got my US citizenship: I was just relieved that I no longer need to deal with those f**kers at the US immigrations office...

Good luck with your papers.