Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Walk To Work: Being the First Part.

So.. as I walked home over Namsan yesterday I noticed that small, almost infinitesimal bits of rambunctious Spring were starting to break out.

Last week, as I walked home from BPU2, I took the photos embedded here. At that time little on Namsan was green except the tops of the evergreens. That little green patch on the ground is on account of some kind of granite culvert, but elsewhere even the small buds on the ends of branches and shoots were a scruffy brown.

With the smog and yellow dust, it was a semi-apocalyptic sepia-toned world. Except for the ajumma and ajeoshi hiking everywhere. Who, when you think about it, are relatively sepia-toned themselves. Not that you can tell, because when older Koreans hike, they nearly cover themselves from head to toe in layers of clothing, masks, gloves, and some things I'm not sure I could ever really identify.

Still, on that day, there was a rather muted palette of colors, and the first signs of the watercolor explosions to come are just now creeping out.

Some Kind of purple flower has burst out on the East side of the hill, and you can see slight green-buds everywhere (Well, you'll be able to see them when I photograph them tomorrow).

The last picture at the bottom looks rather crap right now, but I bet it becomes pretty impressive when the three-week long Spring really hits. It is a patch of Mugungwha bushes, and I plan to stop by every so often and take a picture as the look changes.

Then, the pollution, dust and sand will come, and photography will become impossible.

It will be impossible, I say!


Anonymous said...

Dude, you should have seen the Ohlone Wilderness last weekend! Still a bit early for wildflowers, but the lush green everywhere was AMAZING -- practically fluorescent (sans florescence) in its greeniosity. Of course, come July that will be an entirely different story, but thankfully, it will not be covered in evil yellow dust.


rwellor said...

Man.. after talking to you today about the weather out there?

I'm feeling the freeze here.