Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Smoke Em if you Got Em

As of 9:57 this morning there is one more little Korean-American floating around in Salinas (bringing the total to, three, in all).

JAE went to the hospital at around 6:30 last night and was delivered in just over 12 hours. "About 47 minutes of hard pushing" says BKF.

As usual, JAE was quick, efficient and without drama. Why, after all, have a three day labor? ;-)

There was an amusing moment yesterday as the BKF asked JAE's parents if I was allowed to visit in the week after the birth (there is a rule that only nuke-famblys can come in the house) and I will be allowed to "pass the rope" that keeps strangers (and disease) out.

There goes THAT plan to get out of the translation business!

Anyway, congrats and smoke em if you got em.

Pictures soon...

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the new ma and pa!
So is the young-un a future King or future Queen?