Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Phrases that do not show up on Google

Here are four phrases that Google could not find on August 5th, 2007. I introduce these first four because they are part of little pieces I am writing.
  • "most hated virgin"
  • "rainbow through a renaissance"
  • "aesthetics of bullshit"
  • "see the unusual, appreciate the everyday"
This next one was the BAG's contribution. She first proposed "books on books," which was ludicrous, but she quickly adapted to the game and won with....
  • "books on book owners"
Just to demonstrate how this kind of thing is addictive, I tried to work between "books" and "owners" and came up blank on "readers" as well
  • "books on book readers"
If any of the three people (including myself) who read this blog have other contributions, I'd like to hear them... Points given if you don't adapt one phrase 8-million times..

And just remember...
  • "phrases not found on google"
is not a phrase that can be found on Google.....

NOTE: A different kind of "not found on Google" thing can be found here which is a list of actual things (not phrases so much) that can't be found on Google.

I found this page by googling "can't be found on Google."

The meta-ness now threatens to engulf us all....

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