Monday, August 13, 2007

Death Needs Editing

Some nutty wackjobs, or wacky jobnuts (perhaps jobwhacks? Oooh.. oooh.. I like "nutwhacks!"), have decided death is a hot chick.

I find this religiously unlikely, but accurate when applied to hot chicks - they are death, or, perhaps, death is preferable.

Anyway, they need a better reporter on the job... he reports that the reason there is a "new" death (really? The old one wasn't performing well enough? Oh, heck, there would have to be a slump after Kosovo, wouldn't there?) is:
in 2005, the government withdrew its permit after an excommunicated member accused it of forcing followers to worship death and failing to stick to its bylaws
er.. death has bylaws? Or the church equated not worshipping death with not following bylaws?

As usual, I'm confused by the language I speak...

I also like that the woman in front of the statue is posing like the new goddess of death, has a waist wrap-around colostomy bag, and has already been blinded by Satan.

Baby - you reppin death now... represent!

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