Monday, August 20, 2007

Better Living Through Attempted Manslaughter..

Over on the always amusing and thought-provoking Dr. Helen blog, some guy named Danny opens an entirely new avenue of self-improvement - Shooting people!
Danny said...

NavyVet- when I was 14, I had to shoot my uncle when he attacked my dad and declared hisintention to kill both my dad and I. he did not die, but was crippled.
And unlike your assertion, I did not bring any serious psychological trauma upon myself. In fact, it turned me from an introverted, shy, geeky, easily frightened kid into a self-confident person.

There you go. And you don't even have to kill the swine, just cripple them! It leads to self-actualization, but not the ability to write proper English. A tradeoff, I suppose? Is the Danmeister really claiming that NavyVet's "assertion" caused the Danimal more "serious psychological trauma" than all that shooting bother? How can that be? Dan is now a self-confident maniac.

I don't think he's thought the thing entirely through.

I might also note that Danny, while proud to tout the advantages one might attain by attempted homicide, is also too much of a pussy to have his Blogger ID point to his blog....


another unidentified shooter...

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