Monday, August 20, 2007

Lyrics that are perfect as they are...

Close one there
Choking in clean underwear
Bleeding tongue
Eight ball pounding in my lungs
Ship to shore
I can't see the coastline anymore
I shouldn't be here
I thought I made that loud and clear


China town
Chasing that old dragon down
Madam Wong's
We play the blues with the curtains drawn
Sidewalks of white
While the LA sun beat out the night
Pounding brain
My last transmission down the drain


There's a debt I owe
I'll never pay before I go
So I sing the blues
Hand me down my walking shoes
You're in my heart
Though we may be miles apart
There's my point
I'll see you in another joint

John Hiatt (who has an enviable facility with a lyric) in his "Master of Disaster" which, if you like kinda old white blues stuff (infinitely superior to any of the shit that Eric Clapton has been pawning off -- some people just shouldn't give up heroin. Keith Richards, I'm looking at YOU!) is also a pretty cool sounding song.

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