Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Big Farking Korean Fun!


After my first email to Ms. S*** did not arrive in her mailbox, I just sent off my second one. As polite as a Miguk can be, asking for her help in finding me a position at a Korean University. This is sort of a cast of the die, since if she does turn something up it would be very rude of me to turn it down after setting her to the task.

It would be easier to do if work weren't going so splendidly at this moment and I wasn't so darn well paid.

Oh well, gotta go for the brass ring at least once and I guess this is the one for me.

OTOH the BKF is just about to sign on a new house and I see a couple of days of manual labor in my immediate future as we try to bash the thing into shape before the hordes of relatives on his wive's side arrive for the upcoming birth. The family comes in on something like August 11th and the floors, windows and roof need to be addressed before anyone can move in. Not to mention he'd like the rest of the thing livable before everyone gets there. Also, all toxic work needs to be done well in advance of the birth, or even BKF's wife moving into the house. This promises to be a race directly to the wire and I look forward to taking pictures of the whole nightmarish thing - cause if it isn't a nightmarish thing I don't want a thing to do with it. ;-)

I am reminded of a Rolling Stones concert in 1976. Someone threw a shoe at Mick Jagger and thereafter, sporadically, shoes arced up onto the stage. After trying to lecture the fans, after begging the fans, after yelling at the fans, Jagger finally gave in and said, "alright... let's have ALL your shoes then!"

This may have been the unwisest thing said at a concert on this side of Peter Townsend saying, "there's more room in the back" at a Who concert in Cleveland. An avalanche of shoes buried the stage.

BKF's house should be a lot like that. ;-)

Well, except without all the shoes.. since Koreans leave them outdoors...

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