Sunday, July 15, 2007

Korean Embassy!

There is that special moment when the coffee is just beginning to seep into your bloodstream as you head onto the freeway. Saturday morning early, so no one is really on the road. After a lovely bagel and beverages with the BAG (at the Korean Bagelry, no less) it was off to the road. I had been planning to listen to my Korean language tapes on the way down, but what the fuck, I was gonna be spending the entire weekend with a real live Korean, and why get started early when the iPod could blast the tunes?

The BKF was still out at some local lumber emporium when I landed... Farm-Town was cold and foggy, though the sun was trying to come out. I checked out the latest Korean outpost. I wandered around the front of the place (It kind of reminds me of the house MAF lives in out there in Caucasia - the same kind of semi-recessed by a porch and plants, "get the fuck out of here" vibe. This is reinforced by the tarnished brass plaque on the door which warns away "peddlers or agents." "Welcome to the Korean Embassy in Farm-Town. Now please back away slowly."

The fence was in, well, not so great shape as this photo of the "latch" demonstrates. Still, even a look at the outside showed that there was promise here. Anyway, I undid the funky latch and wandered into the back yard. It's pretty big and with a bit of work would be something quite nice. It is larded with little concrete decorative touches and fencing that might, if you squinted real hard and conjured up the smell of Kimchee and Soju, be seen as Korean, maybe, asian, possibly. There is something like a low corral in one corner and a dry fountain of some sort in the other corner. There are several unidentifiable (to me, that is) fruit trees as well as an orange-tree that I could recognize. This should make the BKF's new married relatives very happy when they come to visit. When I lived in South-Central Big City I had a house with about three fruit trees in the back. When the Korean relatives came to visit me, the father was so boggled by these riches that, drawn to them as if hypnotized, he bashed his way through the screen on the glass sliding doors leading to the backyard. In retrospect I am extremely glad that I had the foresight (?) to open the glass doors before the Koreans got to my house.

The neighborhood seems nice also, although only a month's residence will allow sufficient evidence as to that. I was completely unmolested as I wandered in and about the house and I suppose this could be either good or bad. While I type this the sun has come out (though it is still windy and cold) and the pigeons have started cooing. I hate pigeons - noisy messy pieces of shite.

Anyway, the BKF has to land soon and I promised the BAG pictures. There is a lovely unsecured Linksys network here, so I will see how it handles ftp.

Which it seems to do quite admirably, so this is off to the web for the BAG's delectation.

More soon, as the horrrific work pace allows.

Right... but that I mean the Soju consumption.

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