Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm reading this here blog SBFH and the blogger, quite seriously, says -

Is it odd that I've seldom had relationships with men in which I was treated with love and respect? I don't mean that as any type of dig against the other people involved.

I'm not sure how it could be a dig at the other people. The common thread in this is the blogger.

When I was a young and self-inflated lad, my uncle said to me that since everyone hated me for my snotty superior attitude and sarcasm, I must be a jerk or a genius (of the misunderstood variety), and that I should contemplate which was more likely based on the evidence.

I quickly figured that out.

Years later I noticed this on Springer ... people would say some version of "I gotta be me" and then not understand why everyone hated them... They tried to hold two thoughts that shouldn't go together..

1) I can act however I want and that is me.
2) People should love me despite what I do.

Einstein? If you don't act a way people like, how are they gonna love you?

If everyone treats you a similar way?

you're probably asking for it...

It boggles me that this simple understanding seems to evade people.

The only weird thing?

As it turns out? I AM a genius...

And all of you are jerks!

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Anonymous said...

Make that SUPER-genius.