Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday Comicallness...

I am a man of unvaried routines. And each Thursday evening I check out two websites.

Well, two non-porn websites.

Get Fuzzy and The Comics Curmudgeon.

Get Fuzzy is obvious and I love all it's.. well.... loveable characters..

I am pretty much Satchel Pooch,

although I imagine myself as Bucky Katt

anyway... best comic around since Boondocks went out...

The Curmudgeon is a different critter. He (Josh) seems to like (if by "like" you mean make diminutive, snarky, and clever comments) all comics and damned if, during the famous Aldo Kelrast ("Stalker") discussion he didn't even make me love Mary Worth.

Well, in a non-stalking manner.

Man.. I love me some them comix...

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