Friday, July 13, 2007

Not Exactly a Cucumber

The BAG's taste in vegetables has always included an alarming (to me at least) preference for enormous mis-shapen cucumbers that look like they should be made out of silicon and featured in movies co-starring two naked women who appear to be a bit more than just friends.

And the relish with which the BAG takes the peeler to them also worries me a bit. Yesterday she brought over a vegetable of an entirely different kind, and yet it still had that look, though not at all the cucumberian heft.

You can see the less-than fully featured vegetable fiber on the upper left there. That penny is for size-comparisons (at last! Size comparisons I don't find odious! ;-0)

Like all vaguely phallic vegetables, the BAG ended up eating the thing, though in this case she took the alarming tack of neutering the thing (so to speak) and leaving the... protuberance behind.

The whole thing made me a bit queasy, so I drank some Mickey's Big Mouth 40's, watched NFL highlights on the web, and browsed pornography that objectified women.

That worked.....

I think I'm gonna go carnivorous... it just avoids a whole lot of messy issues.

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