Thursday, June 11, 2009

We Enjoy What?


even when attempting to use the US as an example of something to emulate, it seems we can't quite be.. known... (this from the joongong daily)

“Korean teenagers compete for higher scores during three years of high school, but students in other countries such as the United States read, write, do volunteer activities and enjoy sports such as taekwondo and tennis.”

Man.. I think we can all agree that those years on the taekwando squad were bitching!


Anonymous said...

How much practice does anyone really need to hang from monkey bars? Honestly--maybe their focus is in the wrong place......


John from Daejeon said...

It was nice seeing you both again last night. I lost your e-mail address, so I'm posting a message here. My fishing trip was luckily postponed as the fishing party is going to grow a bit as some students have decided to come along next weekend barring rain. I can't imagine how these cell phone-addicted 6th graders will get along with avid fishermen out on the open water.

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