Monday, June 01, 2009


After being down (for I am nothing if not down) in Daejeon with the lovely Yvonne I came back to find my flat had been burgled..

well, about Daejeon first.

I needed a break from Seoul, so directly after work on Friday I caught the KTX down to Daejeon where Yvonne and I pigged out on Sam Gyap Sal and got a cheap Yeogwan in Eunhaengdong. Next day we got up, had some coffee and stuff, ran into Scott at the Starbucks, and then spent a few hours jamming around the market. At 4 we walked over to Woosong Staff Housing unit A (the "A" in the name is about the order of construction of housing, not the quality of the housing).

There we chilled with many old Woosongers and Woosongettes as the charred flesh and soju slid past bloody gums, down ulcerated esophagi and into contented bellies. Those two pictures here are from Mr. Michael Peacock's collection. The picture up above shows Yvonne about to rock out with her cock out. Or whatever chicks do. It also shows my bald spot. The one below shows my enormous head, which can be spotted on Google Earth. It also shows an Australian known as "Rodney" apparently about to ask for the photographers phone number, or ask her when she "came down to Earth." If he moves that inverted fanny-pack down just a bit? Impressive codpiece my Australian friend, impressive codpiece!

At evening's end we walked back to the Yeogwan - probably about a 30 minute walk in my partially inebriated state and arose the next morning to more Starbucks cofffe, bookshopping for Yvonne, and a cafe for me, to prep for my Auditory class on Monday morning.

Back to her hood for some delicious Galbi Tang (I also had soju).

Just as I was trying to make my escape (and with a suitcase full of stuff that had been stuck at Yvonne's pad since my move three months ago) Yvonne thought I should meet her coworker Donnie (sp?). Which was grand, but he did pull out some remainder of a bottle of vodka that now, well, does not remain. ;-)

We sat around his apartment and talked shit until it was time for me to catch a cab to the KTX and then a train on up to Seoul.

Once in Seoul, I actually caught a cab to my place.. a thing I never do, but I didn't want to have to drag the books with me.

I got home.. opened my door..

and the place had been burgled!

Everything dirty had been taken.

The pillows were back on the sofa.

The floor was clean... DEWD! They took my FILTH!!!!!!!

Apparently the ajumma did her quarterly apartment check and had a go at the messy bits of mine.

I silently thanked god that the Wednesday before I had totally cleaned the bathrooom and my office. If she had come in on Tuesday I might have been evicted.

It's funny, if a landlord in the US pulled a stunt like this I'd be angrified. Here? Par for the course and in fact she did me a favor.



reader07 said...

That looks like Korean to me!;-p

Anonymous said...

An entire post in Wingdings? (Or are they Webdings?) How... unique.

Anonymous said...

Is that the cage they keep all the white people in?

Anonymous said...

How do I get me one of dem landlords? I got a sink fulla dirty dishes!

Anonymous said...

A landloard burgler taking garbage off your floor....

Appreciative, yet slightly unnerving...get rid of the SOJU dildo you got the other day before she confiscates it for some unknown reason!

Charles Montgomery said...

AdrenJen - alas you must move to Korea.

Anonymous - let's just say that the Soju Dildo was.. uh... safely "put away?"


Anonymous said...

I hope you can go bathroom...since it's been "put away" ;)


Anonymous said...