Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam!

Next gift-giving occasion I will sneak my bad self into a Costco and snap pictures that fully indicate the Korean obsession with SPAM.

It is a sensible obsession, I suppose, which began after the Korean War when locals realized that SPAM was the perfect fat and calorie filled food for fighting famine.
(I must get some kind off accelerating alliteration points for that last sentence?)

In fact, Budae Jiggae is still a classic Korean stew, and it still features SPAM.

But you know me.. I like to make the political personal.

Which is why I was thrilled to find the "SPAM Single" (which sounds like an honest title if I ever put an advert on E-harmony). You take that bad boy and two pieces of American cheese (removing the plastic wrap is optional) and toss them onto a piece of bread on a frying pan?

Three minutes later you have a delicious heart-attack.

Heck. Next time I think I'll fry the bastard in butter.

Also, I particularly like that there are now "flavors" for spam. The close-reader of eemajee will have already noted I took mine Italian style - mozzarella and chicken.

I'd type more, but the shooting chest pains seem to have made the fingers in my left hand all numb and tingly.....


Anonymous said...

"...I took mine Italian style..."

Charles Montgomery said...

That just makes you a copycat!

Anonymous said...

Or a former Rago gf. :-0

Charles Montgomery said...

Oh man.... ;-)