Thursday, June 11, 2009

Snaps from the new lens..

So my old kit lens would take a shot like this (when fully backed out)

My new lens does this:

when fully backed out.. but that still doesn't quite show the difference, since the photos are the same size. So in Photoshop I did this...

The black representing what the old lens caught.

OTOH shooting vertically..


turns to this

With photoshop revealing:

Totally worth the money at under $250.00.

Now I need a macro and a nice 70-200mm piece and my lens collection will be solid


Anonymous said...

HYS loves him his 70-200 like nothin' on earth!


Charles Montgomery said...


I don't mean to get all Lebowski here, but that lens kind of ties the lens collection together...

Anonymous said...

have a Kahlua and creme and celebrate BABY!