Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Really.. of course it's sticky-hot, but I'm not compaining

My convo students ambushed me in the hall and gave me a coffee cake.

Well, a Korean version.. so it was coated in saccharined-spackle and close approximations of graveyard scenery.

Still, I took it home.. scraped off all the gunk and had two slices of pretty good spice-cake underneath.

Then I cut it up and put it in the eum shik mul bag as I haven't been in the gym in months, and this is not healthy food. ;-)

Been grading ever since.

It is really the only "chore" to instruction and it is a chore pretty much proportional to the skills of students... as my kids are skilled, I have to sort through their arguments and splay them on the return table. Taxing.

I should say, for my friend Pucay, that retards might also be as taxing, since you'd have no idea where to begin ("Er, excuse me dear student in the United States, did you hit your head on the pier when you landed?"), but Pucay's hatred of the simple.. well.. it bothers me while it pays her.

hopefully that bit of true evil will get her off of Charles' yacht and back to posting. ;-)

Anyway.. so infra dig.... but grading continues... and will be done by Friday, I hope!


Anonymous said...

But, but, but...!

With the coffee cake doesn't that make it "Hot, sweet and Sticky"? therefore more than bearable?

And of course, no answer forthcoming to yersis's question 2 posts below.....


Anonymous said...

don't they serve coffecake in the gym?

Anonymous said...

As lowly instructional staff, not possessing the supergeniusosity (and bedazzling sheepskin) which allow professors to grade, we are thus reduced to the tedious job of "subjective scoring," and let me tell you, it is a thousand times easier in those rare cases where we get a student who actually appears to have attended and been attentive in the class for which the exam/assignment was turned in than for the other 97% of them.

(YIKES. WTF was THAT?? If you figure it out, please let me know.)


Charles Montgomery said...

SIS That would be "rock candy babybee!"

MSM.. probably

YAF - you already write at Ph.D. quality level


Anonymous said...

It's all about obfuscation, baby!