Monday, June 08, 2009

Noted With Disgust...

Mike McStay...

a guy I used to work with at Woosong. He has, maybe, cancer. Tumors at least. He ended up in the emergency room a few weeks ago, getting some bits cut out. He needs to go back and get more cut out and we should all pray (although I don't exactly pray!) that the tumor is non-malignant.

Mike McStay....

A guy who I disagree with on every political level that you can imagine.
Yeah, fine, we could still have a beer.

Mike McStay

The guy who spent hours getting my fiancee (who has little fingers that dont' bend at the knuckle - my belief is that is so she can hit me harder) to get her fingerprints on that stupid card.

Mike McStay

A cool guy to crack a beer with.
Did I say that?
You sense my obsession? ;-)

Mike McStay

Pretty (in the unpretty - ;-p - ) serious about movies.

Mike McStay

Probably fighting for his life.. so then there's Stevie Bee


let's just say that old Stevie thinks Mike is a tad judgmental. So he returns that judgment in spades.

Complete dickhead.. who has a blog in which he tries to be offensive. No one comments of course, but perhaps that is his triumph?

now I'm going to sleep and pretend that most people who agree with me politically aren't self-satisfied judgmental aresholes..

Like old Stevie is..


Stevie Bee said...

Thanks, mate.

Stevie Bee said...

Oh, and as long as you're linking to my old blog, you may as well link to the more recent one too:

All the best!