Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Woot! Hanguk beat Wae-Hanguk 1-0

But christ, watching the South Korean football team play is agonizing. They play brilliant "West Coast Offense" all the way down the pitch, then as soon as they get within scoring range they lose their minds, pass randomly, or just plain piss the ball away, and when they do take a shot they seem to subscribe to the "if we kick it directly at the goalie enough times, perhaps he'll get bored and let one through."

Crazy - they need a scoring coach.

North Korea seemed a worse team in general, but occasionally played long-ball and when they had scoring chances, their shots were wicked. On at least two chances, the South Korean goalie had to stand on his freaking head.

SK's winning goal was Beckham-esque though....

and came late enough that a fluke equalizer was unlikely.

Good game!


Anonymous said...

no plant references. Who cares?

yer sis

Anonymous said...

Who cares! The UN is going to ban ban soccer because it is the leading cause of death throughout the world with the rioting, fires, stadium collapse, beer OD. But wait- they are soccer fans- play on.


rwellor said...

Anyone who quotes the UN as a legitimate source?

is some kinda commie homo!

Anonymous said...

I think the South won because the good players from the North wee busy fueling a rocket.


Anonymous said...

Entire North (loser!) team dead now anyhow