Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Everything Goes the Way Of Grandparents

(Then Parents)
(Then you and me)

Just to Conclude Technology's "Fuck You" to Chuck

Today my miniDV camcorder stopped working.

Oh yeah, in class.

As I was filming my communication students.

So... the USB stick died. The Projector in my classroom died. My computer no longer can use its battery and resets to 1970 every time I shut it down. My digital camera needs cleaning.

And my farking camcorder died.



Anonymous said...


rwellor said...


well do me a favor...

you and bax continue to put off your expiry date. ;-)

Anonymous said...

and it's not even 2012 yet

Anonymous said...

outlive your "use by" date......

yer sis
(AKA yer daughter)