Friday, April 10, 2009

Eating the Air

As an earnest amateur scientist I am interested in measurements of all types.

As my attempt to comprehensively map Korean bra cup-size (in situ, so to speak) caused so much misunderstanding, I have moved on to other projects.

At least until my record is expunged.

However, in an email a few days ago, MSM asked what it meant when the Weather Channel says "hazy in Korea." This gave me my new taxonimization - haze.

Since it was only minimally hazy on that day, I snapped the lovely photo you see above (NOTE: The bizarre red UFO-thingies were placed there in post-prodution). The steeple (1) is probably a half mile away, the building under construction (2) is no more than a mile, and the mountain (3) is maybe 1.5 miles away. This represents my haze rubric and today, when I got up, I had a solid "level one" gone alert, as the second photo demonstrates.

The mountain, she is gone! And the second building is barely hanging in there.

So that's haze in Seoul. I think I need to buy more house-plants!


Anonymous said...

No taxonimization without representation!

What do we want? More plants!
When do we want them? NOW!

(damn unionists)

Anonymous said...

I have a site which I will send which recommends which plants for which pollutants (really!). I found it for granddaughter Zara who may have mild asthma.
love, YSM

Anonymous said...

Breathe deep. I am sure that something in that foul looking air will be found to be a health benefit in the next 100 years.


Anonymous said...

Too bad about the air quality. It was SPECTACULAR driving up the El Camino Real today through the central coast. The wildflowers be a-bloomin'

rwellor said...


I should say that today it was spectacular, both in Busan and Seoul..

the air has cleared and the cherry blossoms are just blowing up..

Anonymous said...

Now I can say that I was in his pad to see the pollutants floating in the air...

It was great staying with you. Overall the whole trip was grand..rather relaxing. Thanks for coming out to Kimpo and Gwangju. It was also very touching for Yvonne to take train all the way to Seoul to see us in the two days we spent staring out the window (see pic).

Oh, I know I still need to send you the pictures. I will, as soon as Kale calms down a bit. Since the trip, both grandparents spoiled him rotten, and now the strength of his separation anxiety (his demand for constant attention) equals that of several tubes of Crazy Glue. Once he calms down a bit and cries less, I'll get my laptop and camera together and send the pictures off to you.