Saturday, January 19, 2008

Vaseline Alley Redux

Continued from three days ago.. The drug/health/HIV tests are, oddly enough, done once you are in Korea. This suggests a certain lack of faith in Western doctors. All of this stuff was added to the requirements for foreigner entry to Korea after it was discovered that a relatively famous pedophile (the guy whose identity was revealed by “anti-swirl photoshop technology”) was discovered to have taught in Korea. This became an election issue and in order to protect the innocent youth of Korea from HIV-positive drug-addled rapists (by which they mean me) the new laws were enacted. This whole security check and health check is, in some ways, classically Korean. They really don’t like the outsider and this is reflected in their love/hate relationship with the English instructor. Korea is always looking for an excuse to love or hate the outsider.

Anyway, step two was initiated yesterday when I finally figured out that the FBI needed a different set of fingerprints. Oddly, the FBI wants them on the old-fashioned paper forms, so it was off to another odd hole-in-the wall joint which sold bulk cigarettes and fingerprint checks.

An odd combo, but the guy at this place knew how to take fingerprints and had a bit of a line in English, so the process went much more smoothly. With luck I will be able to send these prints off to Quantico tomorrow, since my presentation doesn’t begin until 2.

Now, I am in the air between Big City and Atllanta, GA on my way to the SECAAS conference. Delta airlines evilly switched my seats back into the middle row, but then more than made up for that by grabbing the guy in the aisle-seat and moving him up to First Class. Thus I now have an aisle seat and an empty one beside.


Breakfast at about 1 (I was running around pre-flight) and a glass of wine and it may be getting close to time to take a nap.

Idly looking at the conference paper and really not seeing that much to change. My discussant was also published in Acta Koreana, so I look forward to meeting him. This thing is pretty much in the bag and I might try to move my flight on Sunday up a couple of hours. The thing is now in size 18 font with red indications where the slide transitions are, so I think it is done?

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