Thursday, January 24, 2008

Swamp Valley College Predictions Swathed in Mystery! (With an "I'm Stoopid" PS)


As one of my last duties at SVC I am hooking us up with a very prestigious exhibit with an institution we shall just call "The Ones With Lindbergh's Plane."

A ton of work has gone into this and now that SVC has it coming.. the chancellor of the Lesser Carcinogenic Plateau Community College District has now stepped in. Chancellor sends mysterious and semi-oracular emails (I suspect she is chewing laurel leaves as she types).

My predictions are..

1) Chancellor leads off ALL events around this exhibit.

2) As I will be gone, my work will not be mentioned once (This is Chancellorian Rule #1 - those who aren't in sight, don't exist). The corollary is Chancellorian Rule #1a - even those who are in sight and did the work, don't exist. These rules fall under "The Basic Rule of All Administration" - Administrate too long and you forget that there are anything but orders.. and orders must be followed because there is no process to doing any job, just an order to do it.

3) The DO will absorb little budget but will take most credit

4) Chancellor gets "Vietnamese" feather in hat and this, along with her long and legit record of working with the Hispanic Wave, gets her that position in Sactown that she's always been plumping for. This, BTW, is a good thing. For all my bitching, this is the best Chancellor I've worked for.

Time will tell.. blessedly, I will be out of the game....

PS - LOL...

My years in previous institutions have jaded me... I've already had two emails from my Chancellor that make my predictions here... well, not so much unlikely, as nothing to do with this Chancellor... I always forget that she is trapped in the same bad machine as I am...

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