Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Contemplating the Vast Offshore...

I guess it's about 24 hours since I got the news that BPU wanted me to teach there and I've had a moment to let it all sink in.

By sink in, I mean "enjoy the shit out of."

As a complete coward and lazy dog, there is something entirely enjoyable in looking forward to doing a bit of work and then slowing down, quitting, and leaving all the details to the poor bastard who follows me. Then again there is also the thrill of leaving behind the stuff that has become quotidian and boring. No way at all that Korea will have any less daily stupidity, but it will all be gloriously new daily stupidity. And that delicious new-stupidity smell? Car dealers wish they had it in aerosol spray.

So I've been sent a form of SERIOUS INTENT which includes this feel-good implied threat:

Please do not accept this offer lightly. By signing this document you are accepting our offer of employment and agreeing to sign the contract we have discussed.

OK.. I get it. I'm in the slave states now... Still, that blessedly simple state will beat working at Swamp Valley College.

One thing about BPU that I really like is that its English Instruction Program is run by... slow down, cause this is unusual for Korea... actual English Speakers. This means several things, including that the sometimes weird Korean status-based management will be an additional step away. It also should mean that conversation about work shouldn't be as mysterious as they would be across the language gap. Along the language gap line, I am also pleased that BPU will offer me Korean language training, which is one of the reasons I'm off on this little jaunt.

Finally, while I was in the phone interview one of my coworkers googled the guy who was doing my interview. Turns out he's a pretty clever academic and seems to have created a home-brewing club for beermeisters in Korea. It is possible we could be friends. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

there's your sis' answer to what you will be doing in Korea besides drinking soju: drinking beer!