Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's a Numbers Game Now

The Interview went well. I did best on, well interviewing and technology. Cause I got that.

I was a bit left-footed when the "what would you do in class" question included 40 students and conversation only, but I struggled through. The minute I was done answering the question new answers kept pouring into my head and introduced a couple of them at opportune later times. At least now I know what I'll be facing if I do any more of these...

At the conclusion the guys says I did great and it all comes down to numbers..

Six offers already out for 4 positions and Great Pink Korean University. Those people were interviewed in the second wave of interviews and selected. They have until Saturday to accept or not.

I was interviewed in the third wave. Nice man tells me I am the best of that lot and if four of the six (I fucking hate math!) don't take jobs? On Monday morning, I will get my job offer at the Great Pink Korean University.

Now I'm actually nervous... ;-)

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