Monday, September 17, 2007

OPUS MAGNUS? Statistically, it had to happen.

Holy Crap.... Berkeley Breathed (Perhaps Breathed Berkeley? Who could know with an obvious alias like that?) has finally hit "funny" again!

Bloom County was one of the trustworthy comics of something sort of getting back close to my childhood. When Bloom County went away? It hurt, and I embarked upon a 20 year alcoholic spiral which resulted in the great job I have today, lying to the kiddies of Big City for about 100k a year. The return of Breathed (Berkeley? Panted? Oxford? Really, someone being arrested on "Cops" could come up with a better pseudonym) Opus sounded great but it was normally stupid.

But this one has great inking (I particularly like the semen being squeezed from Opus - I imagine it is coming out of all his orifices.) and more than one risible notion ('do what you're told or end up in Guantanamo' is clever, but perhaps too close to the truth for satire?).

I count about 4 punchlines in this one comic .. which means I shouldn't have to read Opus again for the several years I might spend in Korea...

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