Thursday, September 06, 2007

Back To the Future.. Korean Embassy Floor

Just finishing the pictures of the rebuilding of the BKF's house, since he has some folks overseas who want to see it. This post should have been sometime back in July.

That evening we made a start at the floor, but it was pretty desultory. That first photo is just to remind what the floor looked like when it was all linoleum. When I arrived back from the hotel the next day BKF was sitting on the floor sort of swatting at the composite pieces. We quickly learned it was much better as a two person job.

Somehow we got through the previous day drinking only one beer each. This was just the wrong approach and so, although it was early on a Sunday morning, I stopped by the liquor store to pick up a six-pack of Bud Light. When I got to BKF's new house he had already had some kind of semi-Mexican breakfast the remnants of which were already congealed to their yellow fast-food wrapper. So I scrounged around and found some kind of Cheesy-Poofs and had the following breakfast of champions.

The BKF and I soon learned that in the big, spacious areas it made sense to lay the composite flooring down three pieces at a time. So we raced over these kinds of areas. The tricky bits were in the kitchen where there were all kinds of tricky angles, a refrigerator, and an unfortunate two-inch difference between the width of three pieces of composite and the floor space. I worked on the big areas while BKF called me when there was need to trim something, move something or force something into a small space.

By the time I had to leave we had most of the kitchen done and the refrigerator back in. It looked like the house might actually make it.

Ed, of course, had a celebratory beverage, and for once it wasn's mechju!

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