Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another phrase not on Google

"unified field theory of pain"

Really, there should be such a thing. This came up as I was reading the lovely Academic Cog's discussion of the notion of "the law of conservation of sleep." This is similar to a theory I have long had about pain and avoirdupois, that when one person sheds some, others gain it.

As I pondered on this I drank six beers (thus losing pain and gaining weight, all of which fits in neatly). At this point a breakthrough occurred - I realized that pain is above mere laws and must needs be theory. Suck it, Einstein!

So I looked it up.

And it didn't exist.

Google does not yet define the world.

I am, however, scared to note that the phrase "unified theory of pain" does have 2090 references as of this post. That's a band name, not a subject for study.

What the hell is wrong with you people?


Anonymous said...

Well, you could always post it to the Wiki.. and then it would be on Google.


rwellor said...

The wiki?

I post to the Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy which is far hipper.

Besides... it only takes Google a minute to find a posting on Scraps, and... ooogly-boogly... the phrase not found on Google is now found...

Anonymous said...

yeah, it struck me that the "phrases not found" series was , well self defeating.....

yer sis

rwellor said...

Not self-defeating so much as corrective.

When Google includes everything, and when the Wiki (pace MAF) equal all knowledge, the universe turns to a big 42.

Well, I heard....

Anonymous said...