Friday, September 14, 2007

"Make Mistakes All Shiny, New"

Which I am pleased to say is yet another "phrase not found on Google." And also a dim remembrance of some poem I writ back in the undergraduate days (aah, the best 25 years of my life!) which had something like...
"We do the things we always do,
And make mistakes, all shiny, new..."

which for some reason resonates with me as I re-read Harlan Ellison's anthology "Dangerous Visions" which holds up reasonably well for a volume intended to push the boundaries way back when it was published in 1967 or so..... those boundaries have been pretty well exploded, so anything that holds up in that regard must have been some pretty solid writing to begin with

But as I read "Dangerous Visions" and contemplate Korea, translations, leaving the highest paying job I will likely ever have, and the likelihood that the Patriots will win the super bowl (asterisk baby!) I come across a lovely little quote..
Seems to me most bad things happen within a man's pattern... he gets out of phase and there's a whole row of stones ahead of him laid exactly where each and every one of them will crack him... What he should do is head upstream. It might be unknown territory, and there might be dangers, but... theres' a who row of absolutely certain, absolutely planned agonies he is just not going to have to suffer.
Really. Why keep going on the same path that's busting your ass in predictable ways? It's a failure of imagination.

There are so many novel ways to get broken down and why wouldn't you prefer that, or the possibility that a non-predictable path, a tangent, might spin you off of your absolutely predictable agonies? There will be many paths not taken, but if you (by which I mean "I" since this is all about me.. me.. ME!) stick moronically to one yer a .. yer a .. oh .. a moronic stick!

(that's some mighty fine logickin'!)

Off to see BKF tomorrow about a cover letter, some translation, and where the future is....


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rwellor said...

Oddly... that is found on Google...

Anonymous said...

Like Heinz, 57 TIMES, baby!
Not only that, you get the handy:
"Did you mean to search for: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! "

What a wonderful @!#%&* world.


rwellor said...

"I see skies of blue..... clouds of white
Bright blessed days....dark sacred nights
And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world."

Words for us all to ponder....