Thursday, September 20, 2007

Not found on Google Reduxulusneous-osity

Yet more of my attempt to make Google perfect by posting phrases it has not yet assimilated.

The missing phrase
"my pain was never enough to keep her love alive"
came from a re-writing of an Elvis Costello lyric:
My tears were never enough to keep that girl alive
I think my version more closely describes what makes some girls tick.

The missing phrase
"I'll have that with extra pain"
Came from reading "Procrastination---Now With Sand"
On the excellent "Academic Cog" website and somehow thinking of the Spurlock Documentary "Super Size Me"
I thought, surely, that some emo kid would have used this phrase in complete seriousness. But I was wrong.

Along the same line there was no
"I'll have a side of heartbreak"

"Suicide a la carte"
checked in with a modest 4 instances, which somehow bolsters my faith in the creative whininess of the human race.

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