Monday, September 21, 2009

Korea Imposes its Ferocious Will

I meet with the Chair last week to demonstrate that my knee is relatively healed up and that she can stop bugging me about going to the hospital.

I get into her office and she's giving off a nervous vibe..

She says.. "You know, until last Friday you DID NOT have health insurance. Someone forgot to enroll you in it."

I say, "well, boy howdy, but it's good news that I have it now, eh?"?

She says, "well, that is good news, but there is bad news also."

"What is that?" I inquire in that cat contemplating a hot stove-lid way that I have.

"Well," she responds, "you owe six months worth of paycheck deductions for your health insurance."

That would be the health insurance I have just been told I DIDN't have.

I ponder. I am being charged for a service I didn't have. And yet, since it is Korea, there is nothing to be done about it.

Lo and Behold(en), I am docked nearly 600,000 won on my next paycheck...



Anonymous said...

Dude, it seems likely that you can't be charged for something that didn't exist. Seriously. Follow up with someone else (like Personnel or Human Resources or whatever it's called in South Korea). I'm not certain "the Chair" knows of what she speaks..... That just sounds mighty suspect!


Anonymous said...

"Oh, I am so sorry that you did not have insurance. We also forgot to tell you that you owe us a late fee for the money we did not take out of your paycheck for the insurance we did not provide you..."

Great plan Jen.