Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Kneebone connected to the?


Woke up this morning crippled. Walked to work and back yesterday with nothing out of the ordinary. Got home and right knee began to ache. A drag, but not so intolerable I couldn't do my normal evening stretching routine.

Wake up this morning (at about 3 am) after a painful night and it won't support any weight (and baby, I got that!) or straighten out, and is incredibly painful.

Trying to figure out how I'm getting out of my third-story apartment. :-(

If there are no updates I am crumpled in the stairwell.


Anonymous said...

Take a lap.


Anonymous said...

in a taxi...:-)

Learn Korean said...

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Jelly said...

LOL -- Hi Nancy!! (I thought your name was Mary - but ok!)

Charles Montgomery said...


the spammers somehow picked up the wrong name.

Alas, I am a lad names Charles..

Anonymous said...

Good of you to correct them. And I already told you where you put Nancy up on your blog.

How's the knee? Or are you crumpled in the stairwell after all?

Anonymous said...

who is this Nancy?
Charles Sainted mother aka:
I still like my e mail advice.