Friday, September 18, 2009

The 500 dollar "Fuck Me" post will be tomorrow..


Don't be so wise, I was born to fly
Not without a place in the wind
Walked off a cliff, then I closed my eyes
Ooh, I'm not a spaceman, no, no

Don't need no feathers, I don't need no twine,
I'm all together in my body and my mind,
Not supernatural, just a human combine,
Ooh, I'm not a spaceman, no, no

Adequately mis-explains what it is like to walk in Seoul on a warm night, Seoul Tower on the near horizon, and various bits of literature, scraps of theory, and notions to write about floating in my head.

LOL, I need to persuade Yvonne we never go back. ;-)


Anonymous said...

buy her a bookstore.

Anonymous said...

Although I'd miss you terribly (because I already do!), I'm just glad you seem so happy......


Anonymous said...

I thought that was a copy of the poem found in Roh Moo-hyun's pocket after his last hike.


Anonymous said...

You Can't Go Home Again


Charles Montgomery said...


all classics..

1) Too bad I cain't afford no bookstore..

2) Yeah, I miss you as well (and about 5 other people, 2 of whom don't comment here)

3) The blood stains made that poem difficult to read

4) Why would anyone want to?